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Recertification Policy Updates: More Value, Increased Flexibility, Better Learning Opportunities

Beginning January 1, 2025, forty-percent of the CEUs needed in a 2-year recertification period must come from AHIMA resources (including HCPro products, services, and family of brands) and/or the Component Associations. The remaining sixty-percent of CEUs may come from ACEP providers or other resources. Complimentary CEUs that AHIMA members receive as a membership benefit may be used towards the forty-percent requirement. Visit the Reward Center to access complimentary CEUs. Questions? Check out the Token Reward Center FAQ to learn more.  

AHIMA offers numerous ways for certified professionals to earn the required CEUs, including newly improved complimentary CEUs for Professional and Professional Premier members, an annual quarterly member-exclusive webinar series, and low-cost options such as journal quizzes and webinars.

Download the Full Recertification Update

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At the AHIMA, we believe education leads to empowerment.

That’s why we're all about ensuring the strength of our recertification program. Our mission is to validate the rigor, quality, and consistency of qualified learning experiences, making sure AHIMA-certified individuals stay sharp and feel empowered in their certified domains.

To recertify, individuals must earn a specified number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) during a 2-year certification cycle. The initial recertification cycle for newly credentialed individuals (i.e., individuals who have earned their first credential) is two years beginning on the day the exam was passed.

If you took an exam as an early tester or have multiple credentials, then your recertification cycle will be impacted. Please check your CEU Center to verify your recertification cycle dates.

Earning and Calculating CEUs

With so many options to earn CEUs, recertification is now easier and more accessible for AHIMA credential holders. To recertify, you need to earn CEUs within your recertification cycle, and they must be relevant to the health information (HI) field as outlined in the Health Information and Informatics Management (HIIM) domains.

CEUs are calculated based on clock hours: you earn 0.5 CEUs for every 30 minutes of attendance or participation.

Enhancing and maintaining your AHIMA certification has never been simpler. With new CEU options and tools like the AHIMA CEU Planner, you can add more value, flexibility, and professional development, while streamlining your certification journey.

Your AHIMA CEU Center

CEUs can be entered throughout your two-year recertification cycle and must be entered before the end of your two-year cycle to avoid penalties. We strongly suggest you enter your CEUs as you earn your CEUs during your recertification cycle to ensure accuracy when reporting.  

On the last day of your two-year recertification cycle, your account will automatically be reviewed. If all required CEUs have been entered and approved, and the recertification fee has been paid, you will roll over to your next two-year recertification cycle.  

If your requirements have not been met by the end of the two-year recertification cycle your account will become inactive. Please review the recertification statuses and the Recertification Guide for additional details. 

Visit Your CEU Center

Recertification Fees

If you hold one credential, the recertification fee is $100 for members and $218 for non-members.

If you hold more than one credential, the first credential recertification fee remains the same ($100 members/ $218 non-members). Each additional credential has a recertification fee of $20 for members and $50 for non-members.  

Details on recertification fees can be found in the Recertification Guide.

*Please note that membership fees and recertification fees are no longer combined and will be billed separately.

Recertification Status

Your certification status is based on meeting the recertification requirements within the two-year recertification cycle.

Certification Status Types

Details and definitions of the certification status types can be found in the Recertification Guide.

  • Active: All recertification requirements have been met.
  • Inactive: Failure to complete recertification requirements within 2-year cycle. This status lasts for 6 -months and the credential may not be used during this period.
  • Temporarily Revoked: Failure to complete recertification requirements during inactive period. This status lasts for 6 -months and the credential may not be used during this time.
  • Permanently Revoked: Failure to complete recertification requirements within the temporary revoked period. Credentials may not be used once they are revoked.
  • Retired: Voluntary request of a fully retired individual who is no longer working in the field of health information. The individual must use the term “retired” following their credential to differentiate from the active status.
  • Voluntarily Relinquished: Based on voluntary requests of an individual who no longer wished to maintain their credential and voluntarily withdraws from the recertification process


To recertify, complete these steps.

  1. Obtain the required number of CEUs during your recertification cycle for each credential (at least 80% of required CEUs for each credential must be related to one of AHIMA’s specified HIIM domains).
  2. Participate in accepted and qualified CEU activities.
  3. Enter your CEUs on time.
  4. Keep all CEU certificates and activities documented for auditing purposes.
  5. Ensure your recertification fee is paid.

If you hold one credential, the recertification fee is $218. (Non-members.).

If you hold more than one credential, the first recertification fee is $218 (non-members) and each additional certification is $50.

If requiring an extension to meet recertification requirements, a $50 fee is applied for each credential needing an extension.

For any new AHIMA credential earned that supersedes a different AHIMA credential currently held, only CEUs and recertification fees will apply to the new credential to be maintained.

If your credential needs to be reinstated, there will be a $368.00 fee (members and non-members), per credential needing reinstatement.


  • Credential holders who are not AHIMA members pay the above fees on a biennial basis.
  • Credential holders who are AHIMA members pay reduced recertification fees on a biennial basis.
  • The cost of your recertification will be based on your membership status when your certification expires.
  • Recertification dues will be invoiced in the AHIMA CEU Center and payments must be made by or before your recertification cycle end date.
  • All CEUs must be entered into your CEU center before the recertification fees can be paid.
  • Please note that recertification and membership fees are billed separately and must be paid separately.
  • All fees paid are non-refundable.

More information about recertification fee requirements can be found in the Recertification Guide.

You can enter your CEUs throughout your recertification cycle by logging into your MyAHIMA account and visiting the CEU Center located in the “Education and Certification” section.

  1. Go to the CEU Center tab.
  2. Choose the source where the CEU was earned.
  3. Complete the required fields.
  4. Submit CEU documentation (e.g., CEU certificate or unofficial transcripts). This is optional but you should retain documentation for future audits.
  5. Enter only your required CEUs.
    • *Beginning January 1, 2024, 20% of additional CEUs obtained over the required amount during the last 3 months of your cycle can be “rolled over” to your next recertification cycle.

Individuals may appeal the permanent revocation of their credential due to failure to meet CCHIIM recertification requirements. Please submit your appeals via the Recertification Appeal Form. If your status is inactive and have not been permanently revoked, please refer to the Recertification Guide.

The Commission on Certification for Health Informatics and Information Management (CCHIIM) accepts CEUs earned through participation in formal educational programs of study that address subject areas related to health informatics and information management.

For qualifying continuing education activities and how to calculate CEUs, please refer to the Recertification Guide.

If you need a recertification extension at the end of your 24-month renewal period, it will be available in your CEU center for a $50 fee per credential.

AHIMA has special policies and procedures for the following processes:

  • Audits
  • Recertification Appeals
  • Reinstatement of Revoked Credentials
  • Temporary Waivers

More details about the process for these special policies and procedures can be found in the Recertification Guide.

Beginning January 1, 2025, 40% of CEUs required for an individual to recertify must come from AHIMA and/or CA’s. You can learn more about this new requirement, along with other new ways to earn CEUs and the CEU rollover advantage by downloading the Full Recertification Policy Update.

AHIMA resources include any AHIMA wholly owned subsidiary learning product or experience, which include HCPro products and services (including the HCPro family of brands: DecisionHealth, Association for Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialists (ACDIS), National Association for Healthcare Revenue Integrity (NAHRI), and the Association of Home Care Coding & Compliance (AHCC)), sold either through the AHIMA or HCPro stores.

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