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The AHIMA-Endorsed MATCH IT Act Introduced in the US House of Representatives

Representatives Mike Kelly (R-PA) and Bill Foster (D-IL) have introduced the Patient Matching and Transparency in Certified Health IT (MATCH IT) Act of 2024 into the US House of Representatives. This bill, endorsed by AHIMA and the Patient ID Now coalition, aims to improve patient matching to protect patients’ safety and privacy and create a more interoperable health system. Read the press release.

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Recertification News: More Ways Available Now to Earn CEUs 

Recertification News: More Ways Available Now to Earn CEUs 

Starting January 1, 2024, certified professionals now have additional avenues to earn CEUs. Discover the expanded options and delve into the details of the new CEU rollover benefit. These new CEU choices bring added value, flexibility, and professional growth opportunities to enhance your certification journey. After carefully considering feedback, CCHIIM voted to defer the implementation of the 40 percent AHIMA and/or Component Association CEU requirement no earlier than January 1, 2025. The decision was made to provide more time to understand the changes and plan accordingly.


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New AHIMA-NORC White Paper and Survey Results on HI Workforce Will Shape Policy 

A new AHIMA white paper examines workforce challenges that specifically impact health information (HI) professionals and assesses the role emerging and evolving technologies, such as artificial intelligence, will have on the HI workforce. The white paper is based on a survey conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago. AHIMA will use survey findings and recommendations in the paper to prepare the HI workforce of the future through policy discussions, research, and education and training to ensure the safe and secure management of patient’s health data remains paramount while the needs of HI professionals are prioritized. 

Read the whitepaper

Winter/Spring 2024 Issue of Perspectives

May 20, 2024

Winter/Spring 2024 Issue of Perspectives

Learn more about designing a social determinants of health platform, facilitating ICD-11 implementation, maximizing patient portals, and much more in the latest issue of Perspectives in Health Information Management, the peer-reviewed journal from AHIMA.


Play an Active Role to Improve Patient Matching

May 13, 2024

Play an Active Role to Improve Patient Matching

During Patient ID Week and beyond AHIMA and the Patient ID Now coalition are highlighting the harms of patient misidentification and how it hinders greater healthcare interoperability. Learn more in this new article from the Journal of AHIMA.


Health IT Advances for Behavioral Health Bring New Challenges

April 29, 2024

Health IT Advances for Behavioral Health Bring New Challenges to HI Professionals

Federal agencies and private healthcare organizations and practices are collaborating to reimagine health IT platforms, optimize data to reduce physician burden, and improve interoperability. Learn more in this Journal of AHIMA article and take the corresponding CEU quiz.

Keeping Quality Staff: Efforts to Improve Recruitment, Retention

April 8, 2024

Keeping Quality Staff: Efforts to Improve Recruitment, Retention

Low pay and burnout are among the top reasons that HI professionals leave their positions. Some leaders are using unique strategies to recruit and keep staff. Learn more in this new, Journal of AHIMA article and take the corresponding CEU quiz.

Success of Revenue Cycle AI Hinges on Partnerships

April 2, 2024

Success of Revenue Cycle AI Hinges on Partnerships

With more health systems adopting artificial intelligence, medical coders and health information professionals can partner with physicians to facilitate a smooth transition. Learn more in this Journal of AHIMA article and take the corresponding CEU quiz.

March 18, 2024

How Can HI Teams Combat Burnout?

More HI professionals report feeling overwhelmed and burned out. Learn some root causes behind the problem, and how organizations can curb the troubling trend in a new, Journal of AHIMA article and take the corresponding CEU quiz.

March 4, 2024

How Can Organizations Improve HI Staffing?

A lack of professionals for open roles is plaguing organizations nationwide. HI leaders share what’s causing the trend and how to solve the problem in this new Journal of AHIMA article, with a corresponding CEU quiz.

February 26, 2024

Ethical Issues Loom as AI Shows Promise

HI professionals are poised to help healthcare move toward the ethical development and deployment of artificial intelligence tools. Learn more in this new article from the Journal of AHIMA and take the corresponding CEU quiz.

February 13, 2024

Payer-led Initiatives Provide Lessons in Addressing SDOH

Two payers are relying on partnerships and data-based tools to collect, share, and use valuable social determinants of health information to benefit patients. Learn more in this Journal of AHIMA article.

January 30, 2024

How a Human-Centered Approach Builds the New HI Workforce

Healthcare organizations can build a savvy, adaptable workforce through effective upskilling and career pathing, especially among its coding workforce. Learn more in this new article from the Journal of AHIMA.

January 22, 2024

Optimism High as Data Drives Better Healthcare

Health industry C-suite leaders say integration of AI, advances in interoperability, and expanded use of health data will help drive improvements in patient care this year.

January 11, 2024

Bridging the HI Access Gap for Caregivers

In this opinion piece, the author, a health information advocate drawing from personal experiences, calls for innovative solutions to link caregivers, patients, and healthcare providers. 

Capturing Essential Demographic Data Elements for Electronic Health Information


Capturing Essential Demographic Data Elements for Electronic Health Information

Join recognized subject matter experts as they provide an overview of the new AHIMA Naming Policy. The updated policy creates rising-floor guidance (expected to change over time) and provides best practice guidance for today’s evolving health information (HI) technology ecosystem.

Clinical Validation Practice Brief

Clinical Validation Practice Brief

Are you struggling to maintain consistency and accuracy in clinical validation within your organization? Clinical validation is a crucial process that demands seamless collaboration between providers, clinical documentation integrity (CDI) specialists, and coding professionals. We understand the challenges when it comes to identifying diagnoses that lack clinical evidence. That's why we're excited to introduce our new Clinical Validation Practice Brief! Get started with essential guidance and tools to incorporate clinical validation seamlessly into your daily workflow.

medical professional holding tablet, graphical elements on image

What Does the TEFCA Mean for Your Organization?

The Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) presents a unique opportunity for the U.S. healthcare delivery system, establishing a universal floor of interoperability, connecting providers, public health entities, and individuals. Many questions remain about what the TEFCA will mean for hospitals, health systems, and other providers.

Download the Summary for guidance on TECFA participation.


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Journal of AHIMA

Health information is critical to healthcare evolution. Join the conversation as we explore leading trends in the industry.  Your subscription is included with membership.


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AHIMA Access

Engage with AHIMA, your CSA, fellow HI professionals, and topical content on our members-only social media platform. Share your insights and get the answers you need.


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Career Assist

Find your next job on the Career Assist Job Board. AHIMA members receive early access to job postings and priority listing in employer searches.


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Free ROI Toolkit

Download your copy today to stay compliant. Revised to incorporate various types of disclosures of PHI and to reflect today’s healthcare landscape. Free to AHIMA members.



AHIMA White Paper Identifies Opportunities and Challenges with Collecting, Integrating, and Using SDOH Data

A new AHIMA study conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago found that nearly eight in 10 healthcare organizations currently collect SDOH data, yet challenges remain related to the collection and use of this clinically relevant data to improve healthcare and health outcomes. Read the press release to learn more.


Revenue Integrity: Leveraging Data to Enhance Collaboration Across the Revenue Cycle

Learn how revenue integrity ensures a unified, systemic approach to revenue cycle optimization, preventing revenue leakage and maintaining compliance.


Revenue Cycle Management: Connecting Technology, People, and Processes

AHIMA and Nym Health convened an expert panel of health information and revenue cycle management (RCM) experts to explore the implications of revenue cycle automation.

Download the free whitepaper today

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3 Strategies for Cultivating a Culture of Connection, Development, and Loyalty in the Modern Workplace

Leading a team in the modern workplace presents significant challenges and opportunities, beginning with the concept itself. In many cases, the workplace is no longer a physical space where people congregate but rather a virtual one without geographic boundaries. In this whitepaper, you will learn about highly effective tools to bring stability to your workforce by enhancing connections and providing growth opportunities.

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Leveraging the EHR for effective clinical workflows: Four strategies to try today

Many electronic health records (EHR) have capabilities that can be leveraged to support and even improve workflows. From the customization of clinical decision support features, to automated task delegation, to the personalization of documentation templates, there are numerous ways in which EHRs can help.

Download the free ebook today

Medical Record Retrieval and Procurement: Challenges and Solutions

Download the whitepaper to uncover insights from our expert panel about medical record retrieval and how payor organizations can improve payor-provider relationships, address procurement challenges, and ensure payment integrity.

Health information professionals are prime candidates to lead in revenue cycle roles. Explore key components of the revenue cycle and obtain the tools to comfortably discuss financial terms and metrics at an AHIMA22 pre-conference workshop led by industry expert and Distinguished Member AHIMA Triumph Award recipient Rose Dunn.

Clinical Decision Support whitepaper

Clinical Decision Support: Leveraging Technology to Drive Outcomes and Efficiencies

Enhanced clinical decision support systems are becoming a critical part of the healthcare information technology landscape, enabling faster decision-making, enhancing efficiencies, and improving patient outcomes. AHIMA and Altera Digital Health convened an expert panel of clinicians and health information experts to discuss the impact of enhanced clinical decision support on clinical workflow and satisfaction.

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