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Why You Should Be an AHIMA Member

AHIMA is the leading authority on health information. We are a global nonprofit association representing health information professionals who work with health data for more than one billion patient visits each year.

We equip our members with the strategies and resources necessary to:

  • Navigate the complexities of health information
  • Shatter data silos
  • Connect clinical teams
  • Build bridges to patient communities

These critical skills inform patient engagement efforts, determine the allocation of vital resources, and ensure the vitality of health systems and the communities they serve.

Unlock Your Potential with AHIMA M2M Connect

Unlock Your Potential with AHIMA M2M Connect 

Are you ready to elevate your HI career and leadership skills? The AHIMA M2M Connect mentorship program is your gateway to discovering a world of opportunities. We're inviting emerging professionals to join a network of experienced leaders dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of our field. Aspiring mentors are also encouraged to apply to give back, enhance your skills, and tackle new challenges.


Announcing the launch of our new member-exclusive monthly newsletter, AHIMA & YOU. The latest news and content in health information (HI), member spotlights, career resources, upcoming events—everything you need to know as an HI professional will be delivered to your inbox once a month. Watch for this exciting new way to connect with our AHIMA community.

Unlock the Power of AHIMA Membership

See how AHIMA credential holders benefit from being a member and discover what level of membership works best for you. Take advantage of the tangible benefits—focused on content, community, and career advancement. Let’s all become better health information (HI) professionals and, together, elevate the HI profession and improve healthcare and health in our communities.

“The most valuable thing in my career that I can get from AHIMA is definitely the networking, since I am new to the profession. Every time I come to Conference, I meet a lot of seasoned professionals who want to help me.”

—Sandra Rockson, RHIA

AHIMA member sandra rockson
AHIMA members at annual conference

Membership Overview Flyers

Want a quick overview of AHIMA membership and its benefits? 

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