Exam Scoring

Determination of the Passing Score and Notification of Results

After you have finished the exam and completed the evaluation of your testing experience, you will be instructed to report to the TCA to receive your score report. (If applicable, when sufficient candidate volume has been reached, final scoring audits will be conducted, the passing score will be set, and the score reports will be mailed to candidates. From this point forward, score reports will be issued at the assessment centers upon completion of the examination.) The score report will include your photograph and examination results indicating "pass" or "fail". Your score report will not include your performance on the pre-test questions, nor will these pre-test questions be used to determine your pass/fail status.

The methodology used to set the minimum passing score is the modified Angoff procedure. This universally accepted psychometric procedure uses content experts to estimate the passing probability of each item on the examination. The Examination Development Committee follows strict guidelines in selecting the multiple-choice questions used on each examination form to ensure that all versions of the exam are parallel in difficulty.To adjust for fluctuations in examination difficulty across time, the passing score may vary annually from one testing period to the next. The current passing scores for these examinations will be published, when sufficient candidate volume is reached, on AHIMA's Web site.

Note: Immediate scoring is available for all examinations, unless the exam is in a beta period. Please refer to the exam's home page for any announcements.

Confidentiality Procedure

AHIMA and Pearson VUE have adopted policies and procedures to protect the confidentiality of examination candidates. Members of Pearson VUE and AHIMA staff will not discuss pending applications with anyone but the applicant. Neither AHIMA nor Pearson VUE staff members will report scores via the telephone, e-mail, or fax.

Validation of Scores

AHIMA and Pearson VUE are responsible for the validity and integrity of the scores reported. On occasion, occurrences such as computer malfunction or misconduct by a candidate may cause a score to be suspect. AHIMA and Pearson VUE reserve the right to void or withhold examination results if, upon investigation, violation of AHIMA's regulations are discovered.

Candidates are expected to fully cooperate with the investigation.