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Healthcare data analytics is utilized by diverse clinical organizations for many impactful purposes, including patient safety, budgeting projections, trending and planning, forecasting, resource utilization, and population health.  

Healthcare informatics is a multidisciplinary field that aims to improve human health through information sciences, technology, and data analytics. 

With the volume, variety, and speed of data reaching unprecedented levels, AHIMA aims to assist our members in enhancing their data analytics and informatics skills while advocating for robust enterprise-wide health data governance practices to support the entire data lifecycle. 


Training and Resources

The Certified Health Data Analyst (CHDA®) designation proves expertise in data analysis and interpretation. AHIMA has assembled a mix of resources for those who are interested in advancing their analytical abilities to ultimately achieve the CHDA credential.


Online Courses

Online Course

Essentials of Health Data Governance

Tailored for individuals with a fundamental understanding of health data sources, this course offers expert guidance in the implementation of best practices in data management. It delves into the art of harnessing metadata and enforcing accountability measures, ensuring seamless data access, optimizing reporting processes, and elevating the quality of data. Throughout the course, participants will draw inspiration from real-world case studies, critically assess governance structures, and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to craft policies that champion data-driven excellence.

Online Course

AHIMA Health Data Foundations Bundle

In our data-driven world, tapping into the potential of data is a critical skill for healthcare professionals across all levels. The Health Data Foundations Bundle is your gateway to becoming a trailblazer in your field, arming you with the sought-after expertise and know-how. These flexible, self-paced courses offer interactive lessons, informative lectures, quizzes, and assessments to gauge your grasp of the material. Notably, the analytics course provides hands-on assignments in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, equipping you with practical skills that will propel your success in your healthcare career.

Online Course

Foundations of Healthcare Data Analytics

Healthcare data is an asset to an organization. The data is utilized for strategic and operational decisions and can be used to assess the health of the population served. The healthcare industry requires smart, informed decisions to ensure the best outcomes and value for healthcare consumers. This course will introduce the learner to foundational information related to the collection and use of healthcare data. Data analytics topics included in this course are the various types of data analyses, data storage tools, internal and external sources of data, data governance and business intelligence topics.

Note: Access to Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint are required for this course.

Online Course

Actionable Data Analytics Insights

Data analytics is a skill that has become increasingly important among healthcare professionals. To be an effective data analyst, professionals must be equipped with the knowledge to acquire, manage, analyze, interpret, and transform data into accurate, consistent, and timely information. This course will instruct learners how to execute the data analytics process to create actionable insights. The tools and methods of preparing, describing, visualizing, modeling, and disseminating the results from data analytics projects will be the focus of this course. Learners will be presented with real world healthcare problems where the analysis of data will be the source of actionable solutions.

Online Course

Introduction to Health Data Literacy

Enhance your understanding of healthcare data utilized for reimbursements, patient care, and population health. This comprehensive course will deepen your expertise in identifying and interpreting various healthcare data sources, grasping essential healthcare classifications and terminologies, interpreting basic healthcare data visualizations, and assessing the credibility and reliability of healthcare data sources and analyses.



A Practical Approach to Analyzing Healthcare Data, Fourth Edition

A Practical Approach to Analyzing Healthcare Data, Fourth Edition, offers guidance to healthcare professionals and health information management (HIM) students on how to best analyze, categorize, and manage the data that they encounter in an industry becoming ever more dependent on these tasks.

All Related Publications

Data Analytics and Informatics Publications

Data analytics is an integral part of today's healthcare initiative. Having practical understanding allows all healthcare professionals make educated decisions on how to support patients in the future. You will be taken to our ever growing list of publications involving Data Analytics and Informatics.

CHDA Exam Preparation

CHDA Exam Preparation, Third Edition

Sharpen your data analysis and test-taking skills in preparation for the CHDA exam. The exam experience is simulated in the textbook and accompanying online assessment by three full-length 150-question exams, each containing questions that cover all five CHDA domains. In addition, an appendix of commonly found acronyms allows you to review your healthcare-data-specific terminology before sitting for the exam.


Free Webinar

Why Learn About Health Data Analytics?

Are you interested in beginning your journey into the realm of Health Data Analytics, but don't know where or how to begin? Are you curious about how data analytics can be used for the identification and exploration of solutions to business issues? Register for this on-demand presentation!

Live or On-Demand Webinars

Data Analytics Webinars

We all understand the role Data Analytics plays in today’s healthcare setting. Attend any of our live or on-demand Data Analytics webinars and connect your passion to supporting your healthcare community.


AHIMA Minute Video

The Role of Data Stewards

What is a data steward? What roles do they play within healthcare organizations? Hear directly from AHIMA Practice Director of Informatics, Analytics, and Data Patty Buttner, MBA-HCM, RHIA, CDIP, CHDA, CPHI, CCS, in this AHIMA Minute video as she gives an overview of the position.

Practice Brief

Healthcare Data Governance Practice Brief

Healthcare Data Governance (DG) is not a new topic but is still challenging for many healthcare organizations to implement and achieve. With the increase in technology and specifically the electronic health record (EHR), the amount of data available has grown exponentially.

Whitepaper provided by Tableau in collaboration with AHIMA

Data Visualization in Healthcare: Enhancing Data Skills for the Next Generation of Professionals

Download the whitepaper to uncover insights from our expert panel about data visualization best practices and develop a curriculum to help students develop and hone their data analytics skills.

Health Data

Journal of AHIMA

The Journal of AHIMA is the official publication of the American Health Information Management Association. It delivers best practices in health information management and keeps readers current on emerging issues that affect the accuracy, timeliness, privacy, and security of patient health information.

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