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Health information professionals set the standard for defining, managing, and integrating data and documentation. We can also set the standard for how we treat one another. New this year, AHIMA offers leadership courses for its members.


Training and Resources

AHIMA’s been listening closely to our members and have heard the requests for training opportunities that go beyond coding and CDI skill-sets. That’s why we’ve partnered with the leader in management training, the Ken Blanchard Group, to offer a series of courses and live training.


Featured Products

May 27 and June 3, 2021 | Live Stream

Ken Blanchard's Leading People Through Change

Ken Blanchard's Leading People Through Change Course draws upon 30 years of real-world change leadership consulting experience and research. Teach your employees how to resolve their concerns to increase buy-in, commitment, and involvement. 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. CT | 7 CEUs

Webinars | 2 CEUs each

Mark Dietz Leadership Series

Being a leader in health information requires not only an excellent understanding of our industry’s best practices, but also the ability to lead others as the healthcare ecosystem evolves. Through this series, participants enjoy access to three live webinars from leadership experts at the acclaimed Kellogg School, Center for Nonprofit Management.

Online Course | 2 CEUs

Ken Blanchard: Management Essentials

Learn how to think like a manager. Through Blanchard’s Management Essentials Course, participants facilitate purposeful conversations that create positive, productive relationships. 

Online Course | 2 CEUs

Ken Blanchard: Self Leadership Program

We know how important it is to the success of your organization that every person be empowered and committed to achieving results. Our Self Leadership training program is designed by experts in employee motivation and engagement to ensure your team members develop the self-starting mindset they need to move the organization forward.

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