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Release of Information Microcredential

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The Release of Information Microcredential is for individuals who understand and can apply ROI guidance and requirements. This microcredential is intended for individuals in the role(s) of medical record specialist, health information technologist, patient account representative, and medical registrar; those working in informatics and risk management, as well as individuals working in a business office.

Assessments are administered through our partner vendor, Questionmark through and internet-based testing portal and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. (Browsers that support the Questionmark platform include Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari.)

Candidates have two hours to complete the assessment. The assessment contains a total of 65 questions (50 scored and 15 unscored questions randomly distributed throughout the assessment). The purpose of unscored questions is to gather data on the performance of these questions. Unscored questions do not count towards a candidate's score. Question types used for the assessment may include matching, multiple-choice or multiple-select, true/false, select-a-blank, pull-down lists, ranking, and may include scenarios presented as images to assess practical application of skills.

  • Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Issues
    • This domain has ten related tasks.
    • Example of task: Understand how the state quash period impacts the process of subpoenas
  • ROI Practical Application
    • This domain has eighteen related tasks.Example task: Describe the process for requesting an amendment to the medical record
  • Department Management and Operations | Core Health Information Management (HIM) Functions
    • This domain has eight related tasks.
    • Example task: Create a workflow to prioritize requests by requester to ensure deadlines are met
  • Requester Types
    • This domain has eight related tasks.
    • Example task: Define the required elements for compliant authorization for release of information
  • Customer Service for Patients and the Public
    • This domain has nine related tasks.
    • Example task: Apply communication techniques that allow for clear, concise directions regarding the patient request process
  • Emerging Topics/Environmental Scanning
    • This domain has nine related tasks.
    • Example task: Explain the authority of the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights as an enforcement agency for patient rights

Need additional resources to prepare for this microcredential exam?

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