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Auditing: Outpatient Coding Microcredential

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The Auditing: Outpatient Coding Microcredential is designed for individuals with expertise in the application of ICD-10-CM, Current Procedural Terminology, Heathcare Common Procedure Coding System and modifiers to outpatient and physician-based services, charge review and capture, billing practices; requirements; edits, and documentation standards for medical records. This microcredential will include all clinical services, supplies and drugs, and diagnoses incorporated into outpatient coding.

Assessments are administered through our partner vendor, Questionmark through and internet-based testing portal and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. (Browsers that support the Questionmark platform include Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari.)

Candidates have three hours to complete the assessment. The assessment contains a total of 65 questions (50 scored and 15 unscored questions randomly distributed throughout the assessment). The purpose of unscored questions is to gather data on the performance of these questions. Unscored questions do not count towards a candidate's score. Question types used for the assessment may include matching, multiple-choice or multiple-select, true/false, select-a-blank, pull-down lists, ranking, and may include scenarios presented as images to assess practical application of skills.

  • Principles of Revenue Cycle Management
    • This domain consists of four tasks.
    • Example task: Identify and calculate common key performance metrics (e.g., coder accuracy, provider documentation accuracy) for medical coding compliance and revenue integrity
  • Coding Conventions and Regulatory Guidance
    • This domain consists of seven tasks.
    • Example task: Provide a coding scenario, audit a patient’s medical record for compliance with coding guidelines, and documentation requirements for revenue integrity
  • Medical Record Integrity
    • This domain consists of five tasks.
    • Example task: Recognize health record discrepancies
  • Compliance
    • This domain consists of six tasks.
    • Example task: Identify potential violations of and compliance with standards of ethical coding
  • Audit Report and Findings
    • This domain consists of five tasks.
    • Example task: Facilitate the rebuttal or appeal process to determine whether adjustments are made for billing
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