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AHIMA Press Resources are Moving

We are excited to announce upcoming changes that will streamline your access to AHIMA Press book resources.

Starting June 5, 2023

All AHIMA Press downloadable resources for books will be available in the AHIMA Learning Center.

When you visit the AHIMA Learning Center, you will be able to view AHIMA book resources, sign up for webinars and online courses, access VLab®, and more—all in one place.


What do I need to do?

Everyone with an AHIMA Press book must re-register all books in the AHIMA Learning Center. Please refer to the instructions below to ensure a smooth transition. If you need assistance, please consult our FAQs. If you have additional questions not covered in the FAQs, please email

Step-By-Step Guide: Transition to the AHIMA Learning Center

Register your book in the AHIMA Learning Center.

  1. Locate your book’s access code. Review our FAQs for how to locate or obtain your access code.
  2. Open in your browser of choice.
  3. Log in to or create a myAHIMA account.
  4. Select “Add Code” and enter the book’s access code. Your book’s title will now display as one of your Current Classes.

Open your book’s resources.

  1. Open
  2. Select your book’s title to automatically open the book resource course in a new tab.
  3. Select “Get Started” or “Launch Unit” to view or download the book’s resources as needed, without limit. Book resources will remain on your myAHIMA account for the life of the book’s edition (one year after the next edition publishes).

Why the change?

We hear you. You want effortless, uninterrupted, direct access to all your AHIMA content. The current AHIMA Press platform has not kept pace with web-based technologies, so we are moving the AHIMA Press book resources to the AHIMA Learning Center. This change improves your experience and ensures seamless access to the resources you value most.

This new platform also opens opportunities for the AHIMA team to explore and provide new types of content and enhanced programming for all stages of your health information (HI) career.


When will this happen?

Starting on June 5, 2023, all URLs leading to will take you to the AHIMA Learning Center.


Who is affected?

Everyone who has purchased or will purchase an AHIMA Press book. Starting June 5, 2023, you will be able to access downloadable resources through the AHIMA Learning Center.


What will be different?


Instructors will be able to view student resource modules in addition to instructor modules.


Students and Individual Users 

We know how much you value our online assessment practice exam tool. Platforms, including the AHIMA Learning Center, no longer effectively support this tool and it will not be available as of June 5. We created practice quiz modules for each exam preparation book to support your exam preparation activities. The modules provide a similar practice quiz experience as the current tool, available with each exam book’s resources.


Where do I go with questions?

Please start with our FAQs. If you have additional questions, email

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