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From the pledge:

As health information professionals, we are committed to excellence in the management of health information for the benefit of patients and providers. Patient misidentification continues to jeopardize patient safety, limit and delay data sharing and interoperability, and has an adverse effect on data quality.  

Today, as a health information professional, I pledge to advocate and educate members and other key stakeholders on the importance of naming policies in our healthcare organizations. I will support, encourage, and educate my fellow health information professionals to implement (standardized data entry processes in my organization’s master patient index).  

As a health information professional, you understand the cost of patient misidentification. At AHIMA, we want to highlight healthcare organizations that are living the pledge by implementing the standards for capturing and recording patient demographics that are specified in the pledge. 

Please share how your organization is living the pledge by completing the form below. The top five entries will be highlighted in AHIMA communications, with one winner announced at AHIMA21.

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