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Project-Based Volunteer Opportunities (less than one year)

  • Planning Committees: Prepare and provide input on education sessions for AHIMA-hosted events.
  • Recognition Committees: Evaluate applications for recognition programs that honor excellence and service in HI including the AHIMA Triumph Awards and Grace Award.
  • Task Force: Short-term commitment intended to complete a specific task. Opportunities are created on an ad-hoc basis.

For additional information, please refer to the 2023 Volunteer charge.


Council for Excellence in Education (CEE) Workgroups

The Council for Excellence in Education (CEE) exists to improve and adapt the education strategy for health information and related professions, focused on future opportunities and challenges. Responsible for fostering support and adoption of new initiatives and improvements to curriculum, credentials, academic programs, and resources. Focus on the changing needs of the students and working professionals and consider innovative ways of providing world-class education in HIM.

CEE Workgroups are directed by CEE strategy and may include initiatives such as CourseShare, STEM, AOE, student recruitment, building the HI pipeline, Academic Research Review, Faculty Development, Program Resources, and more.

Varies based on project. Beginning February 2022

  • Short Term Example: CourseShare, AOE program committee, and other initiatives determined by the CEE

Item Writing and Item Reviewing

Serve as a subject matter expert to create and modify new items for availability on future AHIMA certification exams. Will be coding items for blueprint accuracy (Domain & Task) as well as cognitive complexity of item. Reviewers will analyze and modify items based on content expertise to find potential flaws and ways to improve items. Must need to appropriately assign a reference to items as well as check references for accuracy. You will receive 3 CEUs for completion of the training as well as earning CEUs for each review or writing project completed.

  • Item Writing 101 (1 Hour), Advanced Item Writing session (1 Hour) & Exam Developer session (1 Hour)
  • 2 to 5 hours of item writing or item reviewing per month
  • Must hold an active certification for the program you are assigned
  • Must sign a confidentiality and conflict of interest agreement

CourseShare Review Project

This project-based short-term workgroup is to review and provide recommendations regarding current CourseShare content to identify required revisions, needed content, or content that requires sunset. 

CourseShare is an exclusive online repository of academic resources for faculty. CourseShare learning packets include lectures, presentations, sources and links, videos, assignments, case studies, rubrics, and answer sheets that can be adopted in your instructional delivery. Additional resources include faculty development and curriculum tools to support professional growth, exceptional instruction, and program quality.

October 15 - May 15 (6 months or to completion)

Access Community Facilitator

Community facilitators are the key to making each community successful. Facilitators serve as community champions, seed the communities with fresh content, and support the overall needs of the community and its members.

1 year

AHIMA Grace Award Committee

To honor industry leaders through the AHIMA Grace Award, named in honor of AHIMA founder Grace Whiting Myers. Maintain relevance of AHIMA Grace Award criteria to uphold the high standard and ethics set by AHIMA founder. Evaluate applicants to the AHIMA Grace Award and acknowledge healthcare organizations that distinguish themselves as effectively and innovatively using health information to support the delivery of quality health care.

12 months, January – December 2023

AHIMA Triumph Awards Committee

To honor and recognize the excellence, dedication and service of those professionals or groups whose steadfast efforts have enriched the HI profession by selecting and acknowledging these individuals or groups for the Triumph Awards. Maintain relevance of Triumph Award categories so they remain meaningful and fitting for the profession, the industry, and the membership.

12 months, January – December 2023

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