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Fathom is the nation’s leading medical coding automation platform, an AI solution that fuses the best of deep learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate medical coding with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Fathom is built upon a deep learning AI platform that has been trained on over 400 million coded encounters, and as a result has taught itself to code across a wide array of specialties and documentation formats. 

The impact is that Fathom has the best:

  1. Automation rate - Autocode 2-4x more encounters than any other technology. 
  2. Specialty coverage – Fathom has the broadest medical specialty coverage with the ability to code most outpatient specialties, not just ED or radiology. 
  3. Scale - get up and running with the highest automation across 100s of sites with 100s of custom coding guidelines in only weeks. When we say we automate 95% of charts, that is across a client's entire business, not cherry picked off of one site. 
  4. Cost/ROI - Our industry leading automation rates and scalability allow us to offer by far the most competitive pricing and the highest ROI.
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