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Nicole Van Andel, MS, RHIA, CHPS, CHDA


Nicole Van Andel, MS RHIA CHPS, CHDA, is a Lecturer at Indiana University and has been an AHIMA and IHIMA member since 1997. She teaches both online and face-to-face classes. She teaches the RHIA Exam Preparation course for senior HIM students. She has served two terms as IHIMA President. She has held several other roles in IHIMA- Secretary, Delegate, Communications, Legislative, and State Advocacy Leader. Nicole has been an item writer for the RHIA, RHIT, CHPS, and CHDA exams. She also served on the Council for Excellence in Education Educational Programming Workgroup. She has published two articles for the Journal of AHIMA. Ms. Van Andel has also spoken at AHIMA’s Assembly on Education, CAHIIM Fall Festival, and IHIMA.

Hear from Nicole Van Andel

Position Statement Question

Where do you think your skills, abilities, and strengths fit in with the CCHIIM mission?  

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Health Information Administration and a Master's in Adult Education. My credentials include the RHIA, CHPS, and CHDA. I have served as IHIMA President for two terms. I have also been Communications Chair, Nominating Committee Chair, Delegate (several times), Annual Meeting Committee Chairperson, and Legislative. As an IHIMA Executive Board member for over ten years, I have helped and led strategic planning and budgeting for our organization. I helped create the IHIMA student liaison position and have gotten members involved in volunteering at the national and state level. I mentored one of our students who became IHIMA President. In 2020, I received the IHIMA Distinguished Member Award. I have experience in teaching the RHIA Exam Prep Course for our HIM students. I have written exam questions for the RHIA, RHIT, CHPS, and CHDA exams. In addition, I have helped with the standard setting for the RHIT exam. Currently, I am responsible for the RHIA exam preparation course. I am a Clinical Coordinator that places students in their practicum sites and have been able to create new partnerships with organizations throughout the United States. I am a lifelong learner and frequently attend the AHIMA Advocacy Symposium, Assembly on Education, and the CAHIIM Fall Festival to maintain my three credentials. I have been the AHIMA Professional Ethics Chairperson and serve on the AHIMA Triumph Awards Committee. In addition, I have contributed assignments to the AHIMA Course Share program (an online repository for course materials for educators. I have reviewed AHIMA Practice Briefs and manuscripts for Perspectives in HIM. In 2019, I served on the AOE program committee and the CEE Educational Program workgroup. I have written two articles for the Journal of AHIMA. I have been a speaker for the CAHIIM Fall Festival, Assembly on Education, and IHIMA. 

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