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Marjorie Rosen, MBA-MDR, RHIA

Marjorie Rosen


Marjorie Rosen, MBA-MDR, RHIA has been in healthcare for over 20 years in both the clinical and executive sides. She has provided training to both state and national audiences to make changes with workforce policy. At the state level, Marjorie has helped write administrative rules and interpretive guidelines. She has trained 1000’s of people in various roles. She has a passion to see students transform their lives as they begin their new careers. She has a passion for advocacy for healthcare and all those who need an additional voice.

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Position Statement Question

What makes you uniquely qualified as an educator or practitioner to serve on the Council for Excellence in Education? (Please include what capacity/degree level of programming in academia.) 

As an international educator, I stay attentive to needs from a global perspective and engage regularly in sharing and learning through attending and presenting at various conferences and advocacy events. Providing oversight of certificate, associate, and baccalaureate programs aimed at alignment with employer needs keeps me engaged in understanding and providing learning opportunities that contribute to a prepared workforce. I have been an educator in several states, including MO, IL, PA, and AZ, and each one strengthened my understanding of the HIM field through a unique state lens. Each provided visibility into how organizations such as HIMSS, AMIA, CHIME, AAPC, AMBA and others can benefit the HI ecosystem if we are willing to collaborate to create win-win situations. Finally, at Bryan University, I leverage their unique learning model (Iceberg) that highlights the multiple, complex landscape of student support including varied learning strategies, academic perseverance, social skills, and a foundational growth mindset. 

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