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Kimberly Spencer, BBA, CHPS, ERM-P

Kim Spencer



Mrs. Spencer has 37 years of management and consulting experience in Health Information Management & Data Governance. Community service has consisted of WIB, M & HC Chamber Board, PC Chamber Board, Henry County Food Pantry and Bassett Rescue Squad (EMT, EVOC driver and rescue diver for 30ft below surface). Service history within VHIMA includes leading as Newsletter Editor, Silent Auction Chair, Exhibitor Team Chair, 1st & 2nd Year Delegates, Vice President, Student Sponsor, President-elect, 2020-21 President, and Past President. Currently, Mrs. Spencer is in search of volunteer work in which her experience and knowledge can be fully utilized and can expand beyond the state level. 

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Position Statement Question

Where do you think your skills, abilities, and strengths fit in with the CCHIIM mission?  

Successful teamwork is the result of intentional planning, eagerness, openness, and an optimistic outlook. In business, as well as volunteer work, I have found that the greatest successes have been accomplished when most (if not all) members of the team have felt included, empowered, and inspired. It is the encouragement of others that enticed me to pursue the CHPS credential, and created my passion for encouraging others. Because I have been incredibly inspired by many before me, I find myself wanting to share the inspiration and sheer excitement of the Health Information profession with those around me. CCHIIM’s focus on CHPS credentialing, and my recent certification experience (2015), makes this position a good fit. It is my hope to bring a contagious enthusiasm to the Commission on Certification, elevating standards and the overall perception of certification and certificate recipients. 

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