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Daniel Utech, MBA, RHIA, CHPS

Daniel Utech



My health information management and IT career demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and process efficiency. I actively participate in national and state health information associations and committees, striving to create positive impacts in our environments. Working across interdisciplinary teams involving clinical, finance, HIM, and IT staff, I've honed my adaptability to lead collaboratively. My unique background, blending IT and health information management, offers robust leadership and process analysis skills. This, combined with my management experience, enables me to unite key parties to achieve common departmental and organizational goals.

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Position Statement Question

AHIMA’s mission is empowering people to impact health®. What distinctive expertise and experience do you have to contribute to AHIMA’s mission?

My journey in health information, marked by significant leadership roles and advocacy efforts, has been fueled by the mission that aligns with AHIMA's - empowering people to impact health. As President of NMHIMA, DFWHIMA, and TxHIMA, my leadership skills were honed in strategic organization, ensuring consistent service delivery, maintaining fiscal responsibility, and building a robust feedback mechanism to respond effectively to members' needs. These positions reinforced the importance of empowering individuals and addressing their needs. My advocacy for health information has spanned over a decade, both at the federal level and within my state. In these roles, I championed the importance of health information, its accessibility, and its potential to transform lives. My focus has been on patients and their families, consistently advocating to increase the access and usefulness of health information for them. I believe that equipped with the correct information; individuals can make informed decisions impacting their health and wellness. In my 13+ year healthcare career, collaboration has been a cornerstone. I have brought together diverse stakeholders, including HIM teams, healthcare providers, patients, payors, and IT, fostering an environment of teamwork. This collaborative approach has helped create efficient systems and encouraged shared learning, thereby empowering each stakeholder in their respective roles. All these experiences have provided me with a unique expertise, a blend of strategic leadership, and passionate advocacy, which I believe would add immense value to AHIMA's mission. I am eager to build on the progress the AHIMA staff and Board of Directors have made in recent years. With your vote, I am confident we can empower our members to significantly impact our communities and their health. I am committed to leveraging my experience and passion to make a difference, one AHIMA member at a time. #AHIMAAllYall 

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