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AHIMA’s events curate innovative experiences for the modern health information professional. Featuring engaging education sessions and tailored networking opportunities, attendees gain unique insights that are immediately applicable to enhance career growth and positively impact business results.

Assembly on Education Symposium (AOE)

Assembly on Education Symposium (AOE)

Health information educators: Participate in the AHIMA Assembly on Education Symposium (AOE) to enjoy virtual faculty development support and networking opportunities for an entire year. A mix of on-demand content and live virtual events enables educators to foster connections, talk through challenges, review regulatory changes, and gain insight about the latest trends.

The Value of Advocacy

Help shape the future of HI! Join the AHIMA Policy & Government Affairs team as they detail the benefits of becoming involved in advocacy with AHIMA, the ways to stay engaged, and what advocacy means for the health information profession. This is the second in a series of FREE webinars for AHIMA members. Register today.

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