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Coming Fall 2024 

Introducing RHIA Capstone™ Assessment: The Culmination of Your Health Information Management Program 

Developed based on insights from program directors of RHIA academic program, the RHIA Capstone™ is a summative assessment designed specifically for graduates of CAHIIM-accredited Health Information Management baccalaureate programs. It provides consistent, valid, and reliable end-of-program information for students and programs alike. 


ATTENTION: 2024 Graduates!

We invite you to apply to participate in the RHIA Capstone Assessment Pilot Program. Benefits include early access to the RHIA Capstone Assessment and includes the cost of the RHIA certification exam. Don't pass up this opportunity!

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What is RHIA Capstone? 

The RHIA Capstone assessment is a summative evaluation for CAHIIM-accredited Health Information Management baccalaureate programs. It offers students consistent, valid, and reliable end-of-program insights, helping identify strengths and areas for improvement as they enter their careers. Student reports include predictive measures for success as Health Information Professionals. 


Purpose of RHIA Capstone

AHIMA recognizes the importance of rigorous competencies assessment for RHIA. The RHIA Capstone addresses this need, providing accredited programs with summative information for curriculum alignment and a predictive measure for students' success in their health information career and on the RHIA certification examination.

Developed for Academic Success

The RHIA Capstone is a direct response to program directors of RHIA academic programs, ensuring your course is set for success. With reliable, valid, and consistent data, course instructors can drive continuous improvement by evaluating their program and ensuring they remain aligned with the job roles of Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) practicing professionals.

Prepare Students for Career Success

Overcome challenges in student preparation and equip them for successful healthcare careers. By ensuring your program remains at the front of quality education, you can increase overall student satisfaction and success in their careers.

Stay Relevant

Keep your program aligned with the job roles of RHIA practicing professionals, adapting to the rapid changes in the healthcare landscape.

RHIA Certification Pathway

Achieving or exceeding specific performance standards in the RHIA Capstone serves as a predictive measure for the RHIA certification examination. This alignment ensures students are well-prepared for the responsibilities and expectations of a Registered Health Information Administrator. Students who meet or exceed a specific performance standard of the RHIA Capstone assessment will be awarded the RHIA certification.

Apply to Participate in the Pilot RHIA Capstone Assessment

Eligibility Requirements

Students in CAHIIM-accredited HIM academic programs may be eligible to participate in the pilot RHIA Capstone assessment. Students must meet the following requirements:

  • Students currently enrolled and in their last term of study for a baccalaureate program 
  • Students who have completed their course work but have not yet graduated 
  • Graduates that are currently waiting for their official transcripts 

Download RHIA Capstone Content Outline

Download RHIA Capstone Crosswalk

Download RHIA Capstone Test Specifications

Download RHIA Capstone Reference List

Download the Pilot Assessment Application

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