AHIMA Data Security and Privacy 

To improve the security and privacy of customer information, AHIMA is taking steps to better protect your data. The first such change involves the discontinuation of hand-written forms to transmit sensitive customer information to AHIMA.   

AHIMA is making this change for a number of reasons:  

  • Security and Privacy: Your personal data will be handled in a more secure and private manner and will not risk possible compromise by being sent via unsecure means (US mail, fax, email).   

  • Accuracy:  When you enter your own information, you can make sure it is correct. Additionally, our system will validate entries for accuracy and make sure you enter all required information.  This also eliminates issues such as interpreting handwriting or poor fax / scan quality.   

  • Timeliness: Your information will be entered in a matter of minutes at any time that is convenient for you (24 hours/day, 7 days/week).  This eliminates delays such as mail delivery and manual data entry by our staff.   

  • Environment and budget friendly:  You no longer need to spend money on postage and a paperless process will help conserve resources for everyone.