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3.5 CEUs | Sunday, September 19

Get a Jumpstart with a Pre-Conference Workshop

Extracting the Value of ICD-11 MMS in the US Through Use Case Analysis

Explore the future of medical coding and build your knowledge of ICD-11 during this pre-conference workshop. Presenters will introduce use cases to demonstrate the value of ICD-11 Mortality and Morbidity Statistics (ICD-11 MMS). Register now to learn how to access capabilities and evaluate the usefulness of ICD-11 MMS compared to ICD-10-CM.


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ICD-11: Modernizing ICD for the Digital World

This first in a series of three webinars will cover the evolution of ICD-11. Steps taken by the World Health Organization to modernize ICD are explained including the revision framework, resource suite, and maintenance platform.

ICD-11 Webinar Objectives:

  • Define the content model
  • Breakdown the use and value of the ICD-11 resources
  • Explain the maintenance process

Coming soon | October 2021

Free on-demand webinar

ICD-11: Establishing Flexibility

This second in a 3-part webinar series will explain ICD-11’s core structure. Topics included are multiple parenting in the Foundation, what constitutes a Linearization, and uniform resource identifiers. Its many uses will also be explored such as causes of death, patient safety, and casemix analysis.

ICD-11 Webinar Objectives:

  • Describe the architecture
  • Compare the Foundation to Linearization
  • Identify use cases

Coming soon | November 2021

Free on-demand webinar

ICD-11 MMS: A Glimpse into the Future

The final webinar in the series introduces the ICD-11 linearization for mortality and morbidity or ICD-11 MMS. Key features such as cluster coding are presented. How to search terms using the various tools is demonstrated.

ICD-11 Webinar Objectives:

  • Outline the ICD-11 MMS coding scheme
  • Summarize the ICD-11 MMS key features
  • Apply a search term using the ICD-11 MMS tools
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