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Enter AI: Panel Reports how AI Impacts their CDI Programs and Organizations

Artificial intelligence has probably helped improve your Netflix experience. AI helps Netflix suggest your next movie or series, based on your ratings of what you’ve watched before.

When you’re running late, six blocks from the restaurant, on foot, wearing the wrong shoes for jogging, and your dinner date texts to say they’re already there, AI on your phone gives you one less thing to worry about by suggesting a reply: “On my way.”

In March of this year, AHIMA and Iodine convened a panel of three clinical documentation integrity (CDI) leaders to discuss how applying AI and mobile technology to their work benefitted both their CDI programs and their organizations overall.

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AI Automates CDI, But Does it Improve Documentation?

Formal education. Informal education. Mobile apps. The art of the precision-timed hallway conversation. For as long as clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs have existed, CDI specialists have been coming up with ways to yield more accurate documentation in a timely manner.

Artifact, an Iodine solution, in collaboration with AHIMA, recently convened a panel of experts and released a white paper examining how technology based on artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) can improve not only processes through automation, but documentation quality, patient care, and even job satisfaction.

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Tips from an Expert Panel for Preventing Cyberattacks

More than one in three healthcare organizations globally experienced a ransomware attack in 2020, with an average cost of $1.27 million, including the ransom itself, downtime, and various recovery costs.

If your organization is attacked, cyber insurance can cover ransomware demands and remediation. But coverage isn’t a given. Strategies and overall cyberhygiene can affect an organizations’ insurability.

AHIMA and Olive AI convened an expert panel to explore how organizations, vendors, and suppliers can be prepared.

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