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Linda D. Williams, MHA, RHI


Linda D. Williams, MHA, RHIA, is the Section Head, Record Processing at the National Institutes of Health. She earned a bachelor’s of science degree in medical record administration in 1991 from Florida A&M University and a master’s of science degree in healthcare administration in 2015 from the University of Maryland. She has served in various capacities with the Maryland Health Information Management Association, from committee member to Past-President. She has served as a preceptor to the students at Montgomery Community College, Prince George's Community College, and Coppin State University.Williams says, “it is an ongoing challenge for health informatics and information professionals to lead, follow, or kindly suggest that others get out of the way. Agility and ability will continue to enforce capability and ultimately result in respectability.”

Position Statement Question

Where do you think your skills, abilities, and strengths fit in with the CCHIIM mission, to assure the competency of professionals practicing health informatics and information management worldwide?


Position Statement Answer

The mission of CCHIIM is to assure competency of professionals practicing health informatics and information management worldwide. As a practitioner of health information, I will utilize my effective communication, interpersonal, and process improvement skills to ensure the mission of CCHIIM is achieved. My vast experience, acquired knowledge, and skills will be an integral part of moving the profession forward. The goal of our profession is to remain relevant and respected by peers, stakeholders, and customers.

My ability to remain persistent, determined, flexible, and adaptable are the pillars that are the compass that keeps me centered personally and professionally. Credentialed and competent professionals will continue to be the guiding light for informatics and information management professionals. Motivating and encouraging professionals to stay the course and expand their knowledge are the lifelong learning initiatives that ensure best practices and key metrics are achieved. Education will always triumph over ignorance.

Showing strength with a positive attitude and a spirit of gratitude is necessary in the evolving matter of growth and development. One of the great joys I have is to serve as a mentor to the local high school scholars. The thirst for knowledge and the expectation for excellence is such a meaningful part of our discussions. Representation, diversity, and inclusion matter and make a positive impact on others. They have the confidence and drive to make a difference and a positive impact.

As one continues the journey to be aspirational, always be inspirational along the way. Compassion, transparency, and a sense of humor are key in reaching life’s destinations.


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