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Getting Started with AHIMA VLab™

Once you’re ready to start your learning journey with AHIMA VLab™, the following information will help you navigate the resources and information available to make the most of your experience.

Instructor Resources

Instructor training materials include suggestions for using the AHIMA VLab in the HIM curriculum. AHIMA VLab staff is available for training assistance and consultation.

  • Instructors choose appropriate software applications and corresponding lessons for their students, based on their own curriculum needs. All guides, resources, technical documentation and FAQs are available through the online repository located in the AHIMA VLab Instructors Access community.
  • Lessons include step-by-step procedures for using the application, including login instructions for the application. Resources are available in a variety of formats, including audio webcasts/demos, simulations, and text documents with step-by-step procedures for using the live applications.
  • Instructors can customize the materials for their own use, making them available to their students by incorporating them into learning management systems, or distributing by e-mail or printed form.
  • Instructors at a subscribing school that do not have access to the AHIMA VLab Instructors’ Engage community can submit a customer support request for assistance by email or phone (844) 309-3269.
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