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Commercial Alliances and Licensing

AHIMA is powered by the perspective that health information is human information, and better health information means healthier people everywhere. Collaborating with AHIMA puts you in better position to improve healthcare overall.

The field and industry look to AHIMA as an unimpeachable authority and source of HIM guidance. We are a leading voice in the use and management of health information. Our professionals work with health data for more than one billion patient visits each year, and are experts in handling the privacy, security, storage, and use of health data. We are the nexus between providers, patients, insurers, IT, commerce, and other entities found within the healthcare ecosystem.

Empowering people to impact health, AHIMA has a driving vision of a world where trusted information transforms health and healthcare by connecting people, systems, and ideas.


Commercial Alliances

Few achievements are as satisfying as leveraging the best qualities of two organizations to create a better, more profitable product or experience. We relish the opportunity to define synergistic relationships with other companies and organizations.

Content creator develops a regulatory e-newsletter to establish meaningful dialogue with AHIMA members.


AHIMA has been the authority on health information for over 90 years. As the driving force that has shaped the industry, we have accumulated a wealth of intellectual property.

Our vast library of data and resources can be curated to meet a variety of goals including:

  • Developing derivative works from our content
  • Embedding our content to enhance your products
  • Developing custom learning solutions for the marketplace
Corporate Partnerships

Much like alliances, corporate partnerships bring organizations together to support important causes such as AHIMA’s work on COVID-19. Contact us using the form to the right to learn how to be part of the solution.

MaryJane Oxenden
Senior Director of Business Development
Phone: (312) 233-1532

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