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Published bi-monthly exclusively for educators. Includes classroom tools and tips, annual symposium information, and updates from the Council for Excellence in Education and the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management.  

A weekly dose of AHIMA original content, including a 360-degree view of the HIM industry, the Association, and government developments, as well as ways to get more involved with AHIMA and the profession and professional development resources. The focus is on news members can use and apply immediately to their job.  

Published daily on weekdays, SmartBrief provides access to news, policy updates, practice guidance, updates, tips, and analysis. 

Open Subscription

This quarterly publication provides certified professionals with information on certification, as well as articles on professional development, industry news, information on obtaining CEUs, featured credentials, and more. 

Published three times per year for AHIMA Foundation donors. Each issue covers the latest on Foundation programs and information on scholarships, contributions, and planned giving. (Subscription comes with donation to the Foundation.) 

Monthly roundup of AHIMA publications, seminars, meetings, benefits that come with membership, and other useful information with an HIM theme. 

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