Information Governance Glossary

Analysis: Review of health record for proper documentation and adherence to regulatory and accreditation standards

Clinical Analytics: The process of gathering and examining data in order to help gain greater insight about patients

Data Governance (DG): s the responsibility of the business unit. It is the policies, processes, and practices that address the accuracy, validity, completeness, timeliness and integrity of data (data quality)

Enterprise Information Management (EIM): 1. Ensuring the value of information assets, requiring an organization-wide perspective of information management functions; it calls for explicit structures, policies, processes, technology, and controls 2. The infrastructure and processes to ensure the information is trustworthy and actionable

Information Governance (IG): is organization-wide framework for managing information throughout its lifecycle and supporting the organization’s strategy, operations, regulatory, legal, risk, and environmental requirements.

Information Technology (IT) Governance: Is led by the CIO. It is the process to ensure the effective evaluation, selection, prioritization, and funding of competing IT investments. ITG oversee the implementation and extracts (measurable) business