AHIMA’s Information Governance (IG) initiative is supported by these leading providers in IG products and services. These Supporters and Brand Partners will expand AHIMA’s ability to promote IG and increase the implementation of IGHealthRate™ in an effort to increase adoption of IG across the healthcare ecosystem.

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For a full list of products and services provided by Immersive, click here.

Immersive is a data and information lifecycle management advisory and consulting firm dedicated to healthcare. Our team offers decades of experience in four practice areas: data/information governance, enterprise information management, analytics strategy and program implementation, and data/information protection. As AHIMA’s development partner for its Information Governance Adoption Model (IGAMTM) and sponsor of IGHealthRateTM we are uniquely qualified to support your organization’s data and information governance strategic and tactical objectives.


For a full list of products and services provided by Iron Mountain, click here.

With Iron Mountain’s Healthcare Consulting Services, you will be able to design, build, and execute practical, legally sound health information management policies that can help you advance information governance, meet your compliance obligations and be better prepared to mitigate the risks and costs of potential litigation. Our Strategic Roadmap Assessments help you can identify program gaps and develop a roadmap with prioritized work streams, defined resource requirements and expected results tied to your key strategic objectives. Whether you are just getting started, and need to help sell the concept of IG within your organization; or whether you are well underway and are looking to optimize results, our assessments delivers proven tactics that will enable your health system to make progress on key IG initiatives.

For a full list of products and services provided by Primeau Consulting Group, click here.

Primeau Consulting Group (PCG) provides high quality health information consulting services through the deployment of best practices developed through extensive experience and knowledge of the health information industry. At PCG, outstanding service is at the heart of everything we do. We offer advice and support for every HIM process and structure within your organization - from short-term measures to long-term projects, for hospitals and healthcare systems of all sizes.


For a full list of products and services provided by IGADVISORS®, click here.

IGAdvisors® provide consulting services to help organizations understand and improve the trustworthiness of their information. IGAdvisors® provide initial information governance assessment services to support the IG competency areas of IG Structure and Strategic Alignment.

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