Supporter Toolkit

Supporter Toolkit

Supporter Toolkit

Welcome brand supporters and sponsors! This toolkit contains complimentary tools to help you market IGHealthRate™ to your audience. Use the items here to leverage the combined strength and value of the AHIMA information governance (IG) brand and your brand.

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IGHealthRate™ User Guide and Best Practices

The IGHealthRate™ User Guide highlights the features and functionality of the IGHealthRate™ tool.

The IGHealthRate™ Best Practices describes the recommended steps to be taken when preparing for an IGHealthRate™ assessment, executing the assessment, and advancing IG through the post-assessment results. These best practices will help organizations succeed with IG using the IGHealthRate™ tool.



Create an article for use in print or online media:



Place customized banners on your website:

Download Customizable Large Banner

Download Customizable Small Banner

Blog/Journal of AHIMA Article

Write a blog to be featured on your website or on social media. You can also submit a blog to be possibly featured on the IGIQ blog or in the Journal of AHIMA.

  • Tell a story that highlights information governance and connects with your audience. For instance, how have you seen information governance make a difference?
  • Align with at least one of AHIMA’s IG Adoption Model™ (IGAM™):
    • IG Structure
    • Strategic Alignment
    • Privacy and Security
    • Legal and Regulatory
    • Data Governance
    • IT Governance
    • Analytics
    • Enterprise Information Management
    • IG Performance
    • Awareness and Adherence
  • Discuss the pain points of your target audience
  • Be brief; average posts are 600 words (Journal articles can be up to 1,500 words)
  • Check out blogging tips from AHIMA



Send emails to your audience.

Download General Email HTML


Email Tagline

Add a tagline to the bottom of your emails:

Download Email Tagline


Place a customized flyer in print publications or use at tradeshows.


Download Flyer

Download Flyer


Download Flyer

Download Flyer


Social Media

Generate social media content to reach and engage your audience:

  • Get tips on how to create and manage social media content
  • Share the above banners in social media with short copy and a link
  • Remember to employ commonly used hashtags and consider using #IGIQ and #IGNOW to participate in the AHIMA community



Use videos AHIMA has created to educate your audience. (Can be used in social media, blog posts, etc.) is your one-stop shop for everything IG.

  • Download free resources
  • Find educational resources—meetings, books, webinars, etc.
  • Read blog posts
  • Catch up on headlines
  • And more


AHIMA-Approved IG Adoption Model™ Consultant Training

Become an AHIMA-Approved IG Adoption Model™ Consultant by completing a training course. The training includes:

  • Education on the AHIMA IG Adoption Model™
  • Expert user training with IGHealthRate
  • Training on the AHIMA assessment tools and methodologies

Download the flyer to find out about prerequisites and for more information.

Watch your email and for updates on scheduled training dates.