Show Off Your Accomplishments!

AHIMA’s New Digital Badge Program Makes It Easy

You worked hard to succeed at your career. Let the world know! We are happy to announce a new and exciting way for you to show off your accomplishments and how you achieved them. 

AHIMA has joined with Acclaim, a Pearson Company, to develop a platform that issues digital badges to visually display your accomplishment(s). When the badge is clicked, it will show more information about the accomplishment and the necessary requirements you fulfilled to earn it.  No longer will you have to explain what those letters behind your name mean—simply include the digital badge on your social media sites, in your e-mail signature, on your electronic resume, or any other location where an electronic link can be placed. People can click the link to get a better understanding of your significant achievement.  For step by step instructions on how to share your badge on varying platforms once claimed, please visit

AHIMA programs using the digital badge platform include: The Triumph Awards; AHIMA Fellowships; all AHIMA certifications; and HIM Faculty Achievement.   As you achieve an accomplishment, an e-mail will be sent providing instructions on how to access your digital badge and achieve the greatest benefit from the use of the digital badge.


HIM Faculty

Triumph Award



Badge recipients also have access to the Acclaim digital badge platform, which provides information about the careers associated with AHIMA credentials and job opportunities.  In fact, any digital badge issued though Acclaim, even if it is outside of the AHIMA program, will also be available on this platform, providing one place for you to collect and have available all of your digital badges.