Newly Credentialed

As a short-term solution to the Newly Credentialed search tool that currently is not available, there is now a pdf list of Newly Credentialed individuals. The list will be updated monthly and include newly credentialed individuals from the past year. For your convenience, three different versions of the Newly Credentialed list are provided and filtered based on different criteria, listed below. All of the information in the lists is the same. To easily locate the information you are looking for on any of the lists, open the file and hold down the “Ctrl” and “F” keys on your keyboard to pull up a search box where you can type in specific text you would like to search for within the document.

Alphabetized by Last Name

Alphabetized by Credential

Alphabetized by State

Please note these lists inform of a credential an individual has initially earned and does not provide details on the credential status after that time or include individuals who have opted out of having their credential information shared. You can also visit the credential verification portal which requires additional identifying information to look up credential holder’s current status.

To provide feedback on your personal use of the newly credentialed list for us to take into consideration as we redesign the electronic tool as a long-term solution, please contact